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St. Bernard Picayune, February 6, 2005

Even though he did not set foot on the stage during the production of "The Far Country," musician Pez Wilson was one of the stars of Nunez Community College's recent theatrical production.

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The St. Bernard Voice, February 4, 2005

...The second splendid talent is the composer/musician Pez Wilson. From his mesmerizing guitar music preceding the play to his plaintive songs and piano score, Pez's melodies were never less than beautiful, understated, and poignant. The appreciative audience hardly needed an excuse to applaud Pez's fantastic work.

The Times-Picayune, January 28, 2005

...In fact, the musical underscoring by Pez Wilson, when merged with Walter's lyrical text, often seems on the verge of bursting into song. And when Wilson does sing, it's quite effective.